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Per our Library Policy:

Gifts and Donations 

The library appreciates gifts of money and materials which can only be accepted on the condition that the Library Director has the authority to make whatever disposition of them to improve the collection as detailed below.


1. Funds 

The library accepts monetary gifts intended for the purchase of library materials when donors’ intentions for the gifts are congruent with the library collection objectives and scope. 

2. Materials 

The library accepts donations of materials that are in good condition if deemed valuable to the collection. The library reserves the right to dispose of donated materials that are in poor condition. Donated materials may be added to the collection based on their suitability to the collection or rejected at the discretion of the library. Donated materials not added to the collection will not be returned to the donor. Unused material donations will be given to the Elroy Friends of the Library for public sale, discard, or disposal. By law, the library is not allowed to appraise the value of donated materials, though it can provide an acknowledgement of receipt of the items by the donor. 

3.  Memorials


Memorial gifts of books or money are also accepted with suitable bookplates placed in the item. Specific memorial materials will be ordered for the library per the request of the donor if they enhance the library collection. Material selection will be made by the Director if no specific item is wanted. Memorial gifts or materials are subject to the same weeding policy as all other library materials. 


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