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Our History

The Elroy Public Library officially opened for business on March 4, 1908.  It was built with money provided to the City for that purpose by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie.  Local contractor, Harry Gordon, completed construction in 1907 and much of this original wood work can be seen today. 

Elroy’s early history and that of our Library was linked to the railroad system.  From 1914 to 1924, the railroad contributed to the library’s operating budget in exchange for club rooms.  Railroad personnel used the room downstairs to pass the time during layovers (now the Lee Room). This room became the Elroy City offices and Police Department in the 1930’s and served that purpose over 50 years.

At the turn of the century, the community has rallied behind the restoration and addition to the building which allowed for more space, better access, and extensive parking.   Dedication of the improved Elroy Public Library in 2001, the basement renovations in 2005, and the Centennial celebrations were well attended.  Stop in to tour the splendor of the Elroy Public Library, and marvel at it’s history.

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